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Universal Conchem Industries , Lucknow is the marketing media for these construction chemicals, Universal products are developed with technologies of 21st century and are suitable for climate all over the country and also in consideration of specific requirement of users for particulars areas.

We have our marketing network all over India being managed by our well qualified and experienced marketing team established in almost all major cities of India.

Our research and development wing is supported by reputed consultants. Our objective is to become the best service provider by manufacturing construction chemicals of premium quality. So many other products are in pipeline which shall be included from time to time as per requirement & problem being encountered by Industries, Builders, Construction Managers & different users.

The core Portfolio Comprises of :-

• Integral cement waterproofers and water sealers
• Polymer based waterproofing protective coating
• Concrete Mortar Admixture
• Bonding agent /synthetic repair mortar
• Flooring Compound
• Water Repellent Impregnation
• Concrete Aid/Curing compound & Mould Release Agent
• Grout and Grouting Additives
• Tile Adhesive
• Sealants
• Epoxy based repair materials

M.R.Consultant & Constructions

Engineers,Water Proofing Experts,Environmental Consultants & Contractors.


Manufacturing of Total Range of Construction Chemicals.

Midas Touch InfraBuild Pvt.Ltd

Builders,Engineers & Govt. Contractors